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 All About Swing 

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct applies to all swing dancing classes, social dances, workshops, parties and any other event which may be hosted by All About Swing. 

Code of Conduct

We love to see our students learn, develop and progress on their dance journey. It is our mission to help support all our students on this journey. To ensure a fun, safe and supportive environment, we expect the best behaviour and respectful attitudes from everyone at all times. 

Our Code of Conduct reflects our expectations, and anyone seen as not adhering to the spirit of the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave.

If you would like to make a report, please contact Matthew or an All About Swing door person. You can reach Matthew a few different ways.

Phone: 0432 365 584

In Person


All Welcome

ll About Swing is a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. Gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, physical appearance, disability, religion, customs, and so on. We all deserve a space space and learning environment.

If you harass someone, you may be asked to leave. Simple. 



Always be aware of your space on the dance floor. Be aware of your footwork, arm styling and your physical limits. Accidents of course happen, and if you make contact with someone else please check to see if the other person requires assistance and apologise. 

There are to be no lifts or tricks on a social floor, unless of course during a jam. You must have the consent of your partner each and every time you attempt a lift, dip or trick.



 Always be respectful of personal space and physical boundaries. To put it simply, do not touch someone inappropriately. Dance movements do not require very strong holds, uncomfortable squeezing at any time. If you're not sure if a hold is acceptable, don't use it and ask for assistance. 

Our classes are fun, safe and respectful at all times, and anyone seen as not following these same ideals may be asked to leave the class.



If someone asks you to dance and you do not want to dance, you are encouraged to simply say "No thank you". If you have asked someone to dance, and they have declined, simply reply "No problems - maybe next time". 

Keep it respectful and be OK with them declining.

If you have any concerns or would like to report an incident, please speak to an All About Swing representative, teacher or door person. We treat all reports in the highest confidence. Reports can be made in person, over the phone, via email.