Learn to 

Cha Cha!

Learn to Cha Cha Cha with our mixed class workshops and short courses

Cha Cha is a Fun & Upbeat style

Great tunes, fun movements and often seen on Rock n Roll social nights. 

Total Beginners welcome

Our classes are designed for total beginners. If you take other dance classes you'll have an advantage.

Learn to Cha Cha - Workshops & Short Courses

Our sessions focus on fun and quality dancing. Workshops and short courses are a great opportunity to jump in and learn to Cha Cha1  


Our studio is renovated, air-conditioned and located at:
1/142 Great North Road, Five Dock


Cha Cha Lessons

Learn the Cha Cha Cha with our short courses and workshops! We always have loads of fun while learning this fun and upbeat style of dance.

The format of our sessions will depend on the nature of the course. Workshops will run frequently and involve a longer session focusing on technique and movements. In our short courses, we go over similar content in a weekly type setting.

We will usually include a beginners refresher or focus on beginners for the first hour of a work. This will depend on the level we are teaching at, and you should take a look at the event to be sure the level is right for you. 

It's no problem if you missed any of our previous workshops, as we always recap our beginners steps for those new to Cha Cha!

Our Cha Cha dance workshops are great for those wanting to freshen up their basics, or intermediate dancers wanting to keep on-top of technique while learning new movements.