11 Reasons Swing Dancing & Rock 'n Roll Will Make Your Life Infinitely Better!

There’s a lot more to dance classes than simply learning steps. If you have never danced before and are nervous about trying or have a friend that says “I’m not a dancer” share this with them as it could make them think twice. Meet New People -We Have Just Made it a Million Times Easier! The Swing Dancing Sydney scene is friendly and welcoming to new faces into the world of swing dancing. We love swing dancing so much we want to share it with the world; it brings us such joy! In class we rotate partners so it’s easy to meet a room full of people without the pressure of walking up to a stranger and saying something intelligent, instead friendships are born through helping each other and sharing common experiences - like swing dancing!.

Great Music You might fall in love with the music at first listen, or it may not be your thing. Either way, it will grow on you as you discover a world of music about food and innuendos. The Swing rhythm will quickly speak to you as you feel the music and further develop dance connection. Then there are the live bands! There is nothing quite like a big band to get your heart racing on the dance floor, or a Rock ‘n Roll band smashing out the tunes to keep you on the floor all night. Sydney has a fantastic live music scene with lots on all the time you just need to know where to look and the bonus, all your new friends will be there too. Great exercise! After a night of swing dancing who needs to hit the gym? Dancing improves fitness, coordination, balance, body and spacial awareness! Social nights are particularly great as they often go for 3 hours, which is plenty of time to chat, make friends and fit in a workout! Just remember if you do workup a sweat to bring a change of shirts so you can stay fresh all night! Parties! We have loads of social gatherings that will fill your calendar before you know it! Great people getting together and enjoying themselves. But while you are still new you can have a few dances and work your way into socialising. All About Swing Parties always have food and it’s a great place to break the ice and meet each other… over a snack! The Clothing! For ladies & Gents! The swing scene is great for this, you can either be decked out from head to toe or super casual, we embrace it all. And the fashion! From the early 20’s right through to the 50s there are fantastic looks to suit any body shape and so much fun to build a vintage style wardrobe. Travelling This dance is global and all around the world you will find a family you never knew you had! Dancers welcome travellers with open arms and will let you in on all the best spots to see in their country, they may even take you to see them! Personal tour guides!

Stress Release On the dance floor your busy stressful life fades away and you live in the moment and make an actual human connection with the person you are dancing with!

Builds Confidence Dancing truly gives you a confidence boost, you feel more comfortable in your own body, the style is fun, quirky and suave dance rather than simply sexy so it’s easy to build slowly and feel comfortable in the dance. Rules Were Made to Be Broken No body likes rules! Swing and Rock ‘n Roll have a general structure and movement that are taught with structured patterns, but once you understand the physics of the dance (yes it’s scientific!) you can break them and dance however your heart feels by combining all those movements and styling into your own creation! No dance will ever be the same as the music and your partner makes each dance unique and never boring! Physical Connection! Science says we need more of it! Get off your phones, ask someone to dance and connect with someone in a respectful and consensual way. Get in touch with your own body and feel what it’s like to work with somebody else to create movement and flow.

The History of Swing It is a vibrant place full of social development, fantastic characters, stories and of course the vintage footage, go great to see how it was done in it’s hay day! And did you know, Swing was the first dance to ever be televised! Filmed at the New York World Fair in 1939! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W6H586Aj7U Take the first step and join us for class. Complete beginners are more than welcome, as are intermediate and advanced Swing Dancers. Swing Dancing has by far and large changed the lives of so many people around the world. Being part of a network of like-minded people, sharing a passion for dance is what we believe it's All About! #SwingDancing #Dance #Swing #Lindyhop #ChangeYourLife #BuildConfidence #StressRelease #VintageFashion #FiveDockEvents #WhatsonFiveDock

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