How to Host a HUGELY Entertaining Event - 5 Easy Steps

Hosting a corporate event or party can be a daunting task, but it can also provide a great opportunity for networking and building personal as well as business relationships. All relationships are fostered by shared experiences and that is why every event you host plays a significant role in building these business connections. 1. Plan The most crucial step. Plan ahead and always budget for unexpected expenses. Make a list of goals and objectives to make planning budget and prioritising funds easier. 2. Music Having the right selection of music makes all the difference and creates instant atmosphere. Live music is great, consider smooth jazz, swing, neo-swing or Rock n Roll. DJ is also a great option. Set up a stage or area for the DJ and make it visually appealing to help keep energy up. 3. Limit the Formalities While we must acknowledge formalities are a necessity, be aware of the time they take. Consider breaks between formalities if required and keep speeches and videos as short as possible. 4. Food & Beverages Often the hardest item for any event, catering for dietary requirements and meeting budget. Consider a professional catering service to alleviate stress. Ensure you meet all dietary requirements and have ample refreshments for the evening. 5. Entertainment Entertainment is one of the most important factors when it comes to hosting a successful event. Entertainment amuses guests. It is fun, enjoyable and is a great way for people to bond together. When it comes to entertainment, All About Swing have you covered. We have over ten years of performance experience, ensuring your guests have a great night. With Swing Dancing, Lindy Hop, Rock and Roll we can provide stand alone vintage floor shows, short group classes, flash mobs and more. Swing dancing is easy for everyone to learn, lindy hop and rock and roll lessons can be great ice breakers and get the endorphins going.

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