How to Swing Dance - 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Lindy Hop and Swing Dancing

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced...regardless of your ability there is always opportunity to become a better version of yourself. If you commonly think "how to swing dance"? You've come to the right place. With hard work, dedication and commitment , you can improve your swing dancing with these 5 Simple Steps... 1. Improve Your Swing and Lindy Hop Dancing With Regular Stretching If you already stretch you are aware of the benefits it comes with. Increased flexibility, and wider range of motions can dramatically improve your dancing. If you're new to stretching start small and work your way up. There are hundreds of great How-To videos on Youtube which can guide you through safe stretches for dancers. 2. Work on Conditioning Your Muscle Memory Any dancer; swing, lindy hop or jazz to ballet can tell you muscle memory is an important skill and one which is improved with repetition. Incorporate revising basic steps and movements in everyday life and ensure effective practice sessions at regular intervals to ensure your muscle memory is at the top of its game. Remember to practice old steps, new steps and create your own variations. The larger your dance vocabulary the more easily you will be able to recall any number of movements with ease. 3. Watch and Learn With such easy access to websites like Youtube, it has never been easier to look up and learn from the best. Absorb as many skills you can visually, and then practice them at your next swing training session. Before long your body will start picking up movements much easier. As a general rule, you do not want to copy other dancers exactly as this will limit your future progress; however use the videos to gain an understanding on how the dancers moves and use their body, and apply this knowledge to creating your own unique lindy hop style. 4. Stay Healthy - Mind, Body, Spirit Being a swing dancer can be hard on the body, and it is easy to neglect a nagging ankle or to give in to too much junk food. Ensure you remain healthy, both physically and mentally. Exercise often, rest when required and visit your healthcare professional for regular check ups. High levels of energy, swift movements and a positive attitude will not only improve your swing dancing, but make you feel better when performing and training. 5. Get Feedback, Work with your Instructors The most obvious way to improve is to ensure you attend all your assigned training sessions and to get feedback from your instructors. Ask questions and be switched on during swing classes. Your teachers may provide individual advice and help you plan or reach your goals #SwingDancing #Tips #ImproveYourDancing #Lindyhop

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