Never Stop Working On Your Swing Out

The other night in our performance troupe session, we were working on swing outs. It’s really important when you’re performing as a group, that swing outs (including variations and even swivels) are as uniform as possible. So we drilled swing outs and we worked on technique (including connection) and styling in mini one-on-one sessions. And even if you’re not performing, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your swing outs. For beginner and intermediate dancers, swing outs are the foundation of Swing Dancing/Lindy Hop. So logically, an eight-count step that is so fundamental to Swing Dancing should be simple, right? Wrong. There is a lot that goes into this step, and there are so many details to think about in this one move that we call “basic”. We tried to unpack a lot of that, with stories, analogies, explanations, and demonstrations, but it was a lot of work! Something a lot of new dancers experience when working on such a hard move so intensely (and something that we did see at that session) is a feeling of discouragement. Swing Dancing is fun, but nobody said it would be easy (okay, so maybe I tell people that, and it can be, but if you want to get it to a high standard, it will definitely involve work!). That said… let’s remember the classic saying: you never stop working on your swing out. I revealed to the group that in my own dancing, I am currently working on my swing out. And the concept I’m focusing on isn’t a flashy variation or fancy footwork, but the linear shape of the swing out: something we teach in beginners! And I’ve been dancing swing for several years. My swing outs (I hope) look better than someone who has been dancing swing for a few months or a year, but that doesn’t mean I leave them at “acceptable”. I am always trying to improve them, thinking about connection, and frame, and counterbalance, and shape, and positioning, and timing, and styling, and variations, and all kinds of aspects of the swing out. I am constantly discovering and fleshing out new concepts or revisiting old ones in a never-ending quest for the perfect swing out. Something I find that is helpful is to go back and take a beginners’ class as an intermediate or advanced Swing Dancer. That’s why I think it’s great that All About Swing invites intermediate dancers to do the beginners’ classes on the same day as their intermediate class at no extra cost, and the same deal for advanced dancers, welcoming them to beginners and intermediate classes. If you’re an intermediate or advanced dancer, come along this Sunday when we start a new four week course, teaching swing from scratch! And if you’ve never danced before, now is the perfect time to begin this amazing journey! #SwingDanceInnerWest #SwingDanceSydney #LindyHop #SwingOut #Performance #Entertainment

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