Rules Were Made to be Broken

We kicked off the New Year in one of the best ways we could think of - our Breaking The Rules Workshop! Swing Dancing or Lindyhop is a hugely improvised dance. In class we teach you rules and techniques to help build certain skills within the dance. During our Breaking The Rules Swing Workshop, we grounded ourselves with revising our fundamentals. From here we were able to manipulate the rules of the dance; going further into when, where and how to break, bend or ignore specific rules and techniques. We played with our footwork, styling, holds and pause; Workshop Style.

What is a Workshop? For those new or developing dancers, a Workshop is a focused session where we concentrate on particular aspects of dance not normally covered during a weekly class. These include advanced and deeper concepts, movements, technique and more. ​ Workshops can vary in length, with dancers usually preferring longer Workshops between 2-4 hours. Workshops are a great way to help supercharge your dancing. They provide deeper concepts and technique often difficult to squeeze into a weekly class. If you are a comfortable intermediate student, wanting to further improve your social dancing, Workshops could be a great opportunity. If you want to improve your dancing in a fun, creative and safe space, our Workshops are exactly what you need! ​​ #SwingDanceFiveDock #FiveDock #CanadaBayDancing #DanceClassFiveDock #FiveDockDanceSchool

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