Swing Dancing is perfect for your next function. Here's why...

Have you ever wondered how to pick a good entertainment for your event or party? Many people want dancers at their event but being non-dancers themselves, may not be aware of all that dancers can do. Luckily for you, this post will give you some insight into what to look for – with inside knowledge from a seasoned performance dancer! First and foremost, you want high-energy and high-fun! You want entertainers to draw in your guests and get them pumped for your event. Your entertainers should not only be dressed to the nines, but should also bring excitement to the party with their attitudes. You want something unique and memorable. Your event should stand out from the rest, so having entertainment that’s a little bit niche while still being interesting and accessible is important. You want something that is going to push people a little beyond their limits. Challenging your guests or attendees to step outside of their comfort zones together, helps to build trust and improve relationships. Let’s not forget your bottom line: you want value for money. Your entertainment budget should deliver some bang for your buck. If your entertainers can pull double duty, then all the better for you, your event, and your guests! Now I hear you asking how swing dancers would fit into this picture. Well, I’m glad you asked! “Wow!” All About Swing specialises in swing dancing and rock n roll. These are high-energy dances – and let’s not forget the music that goes with it! The driving beat of the drums, the blare of the trumpets, the squeal of the saxophones, and the excitement of a boogie woogie riff on the piano, all add to the dynamism of a vintage dance performance. Our performers are also decked out in stylish and eye-catching costumes, and spend hours getting ready for a performance to ensure they are dressed to perfection for your event. This means we are a versatile act, suitable for a black-tie event or even a white-tie event, to a vintage or Gatsby themed event, to a children’s party, and everything in between! “Swing dancing? What’s that?” I hear that phrase a lot. Many people might learn salsa dancing after work. Swing dance is a little less common, but no less fun! People may not have heard of it, but once they see it, it sticks with them, and they will be talking about it for a very long time! “Oh no, I don’t dance!” Did you know that our performers can also be called in to teach your guests a few cool moves? We can teach the most hesitant people a few moves that will have them cutting a rug on the dance floor in minutes! Our teachers are experienced and friendly, and we will push your guests just that tiny step outside of their comfort zone. What’s more, we tailor our teaching to suit your crowd. We will make the dance lesson challenging enough to stoke any competitive fires, yet simple enough that anyone can do it! “So #worthit” Our talents are many and varied and we can contribute to your event in many different ways! While we can do a static performance either on the stage or on your dance floor and certainly do a quick dance class for your guests, we can also warm up the dance floor by simply dancing at the event, sort of like an ice-breaker to encourage your guests to get up and dance, or to create atmospher

e! Similarly, we can act as party starters or even incognito party starters – flashmob style! Our swing dancers are the ultimate party solution to your entertainment needs. Get in touch to find out more! #DanceCommunity #FiveDockDanceSchool #FiveDock #SwingDanceFiveDock #Performance #WeddingPlanning #WeddingDance #SydneyEvents #EventPlanning

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