The Lindy Hop

Characterised by its high speed aerials and exciting movements, Lindy Hop was born out of Harlem and is a fusion of many dances including Tap, Jazz, Breakaway and Charleston. Known today as Swing Dancing, Lindy Hop or simply Swing, it encompasses a number of vintage era styles of dance full of energy, movement and excitement. Large communities around the dance have grown and flourished, with the Swing Dance Sydney community being incredibly friendly and welcoming to new swing dancers.

Films such as Hellzapoppin, Day at the Races and Swing Kids show fast air-steps completed to fast musical tempos. It's easy to see why thousands all over the world continue the dance to this day, and what makes Lindyhop the perfect dance to kick-start your event with a performance your guests won't soon forget. Our swing dancing classes are loads of fun, a great way to meet new people and we have an awesome studio vibe. You can visit our Swing Dancing Lessons for more information on Swing Dancing Classes as well as our Rock 'n' Roll Classes

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