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Well, it’s Wedding Expo season! Which means it’s time for me to start thinking about Wedding choreography and first dances again. I did my first bridal dance for a close friend in 2015. I remember how fascinating it was to see how they grappled with a completely new task (they had never danced before), how they worked together through the hurdles and how they communicated and resolved any issues they were having with each other and with the task at hand. From my experience with them, I really believe they have what it takes to make their marriage last a lifetime. In short, they were a dream to work with, and it set me on my path of choreographing first dances for excited spouses to be. Interestingly, I am well-versed in swing dancing/lindy hop and rock and roll, but I am also familiar with other dance styles – in fact, none of my personalised bridal choreographies have been swing, lindy, or rock and roll, but each one has turned out great!

There are many things to consider when teaching a bridal couple their first dance. Below, I have listed are just three things I think are very important to remember when it comes to teaching beginners swing dancing for bridal couples. 1. Are they here to learn how to dance or are they here to learn a routine? There is a difference. It’s probably not necessary to go through all the technique, although some will be necessary, to ensure safe lifts/dips. They probably don’t need to know the finer nuances of lead and follow. Step here, turn to the left, lift your arm, remember to smile, look at each other, take a bow. Done and dusted. That said, if they want technique and nuance, who am I to say no? A detail done well will show on the floor. 2. Are they performing for money or performing for fun? At the end of the day, the routine doesn’t have to be performance-polished – I mean, it’s great if it is, ultimately, these two are starting a party. It’s about emphasising the fun. The couple should remember that dancing is fun. Don’t let them get so bogged down in the angles and the lines and the presentation that they forget the person they are dancing beside: the person with whom they have chosen to spend their life, and the person with whom they are sharing this most memorable day. The choreographer doesn’t need to charge the day with any extra stress than is necessary; the choreographer must remind the couple often that they are to focus on one another and have fun! 3. Is this a dance for the audience or a dance for the “performers”? This dance is meant to be impressive at times, but it’s also meant to showcase their love – that’s the real deal, not an act put on by dancers to convey a message. Remember to give the couple some moves where they can have those moments, where they can look lovingly into one another’s eyes, where they can savour the touch of each other’s hands… Don’t choreograph the cheese, but allow them opportunities for their love to shine through – that stuff doesn’t need to be written in. There are plenty more things to consider, more to do with music and choreography, but I won’t bore you with that, here. I love the wedding choreography options we have at All About Swing, and the different dance packages we have on offer. We have something for everyone, no matter your level of dance experience or what you’re after. For couples seeking a little more freedom, we can arm you with a couple of moves you can dance to any song, or we can teach you some flashy tricks to wow your guests! We will even fully choreograph a unique dance to the song of your choice if that’s what you want – imagine the special moment when you’re dancing to your song in front of your loved ones! In short, there is no shortage of options. And no matter which package you choose, we will always personalise your dance to you – we will change moves that don’t quite work for you or if you’re up for it, we can kick things up a notch and really impress your guests! At the end of the day, we are offering a quality product, but we know it doesn’t need to be all smoke and mirrors and pyrotechnics. The way I see it, if you and your partner have fun, if there’s a touch of romance, and if the guests get up and dance afterwards, then my work as wedding dance teacher is done. Oh, and if you think you might have some shy guests, we’ve got that covered, as well. We can send some of our performers for some vintage entertainment, or warm up the floor for you, or even have a couple of our teachers come and teach your guests a few moves to get the party started! We can even put you in touch with a Sydney jazz ensemble for some more themed entertainment. If you’re keen to find out more, please get in touch! We would love to be a part of your big day!! #WeddingDance #WeddingChoreography #FirstDance #BridalDance #SydneyEntertainment #SydneyEvents #SydneyWedding #SydneySwingDance #WeddingPlanning

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