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Swing Dancing

Performance Troupe

Swing Dancing Troupe

Take your dancing to the next level

The All About Swing Performance Crew are always looking for enthusiastic and driven dancers looking to join the performance company and troupe. No matter where you are in your dance journey, our programs will provide complete training - supercharing your dancing and having you performance ready as soon as possible.

We understand everyone has different goals and objectives. We would love to chat with you about your dance journey, and help develop a plan for you to reach those goals.

Our sessions are aimed at making you the best Swing Dancer you can be. The concepts, movements, lifts and ideas we teach will supercharge your dancing in very little time.  Some of the most common elements include:

  • Reinforcing technique to mastery

  • Improving balance, coordination, speed and timing

  • Expanding your dance vocabulary

  • Routine practice, synchronization activities and associated techniques

  • Improving frame, posture and positioning

  • Liftwork/Air Steps + Dips, Drops and Tricks

  • Drills - Swing Outs, Charlestons, Fitness & Conditioning

  • Developing performance based skills

We change up what we do very often, keeping our sessions fresh, exciting and with purpose. Take your dancing to the next level, and chat with us about our Performance Company today.

Our Sessions...

Our Troupe...

Our Performance Company and Troupe are a family of Swing Dancers, working together to achieve common and personal goals. We are passionate about supporting our Swing Dancers by fostering positive relationships built on trust, engagement and common goals.

We at all times maintain the highest standards in entertainment quality, and with this focus in mind, our program will provide complete training - from dance and technique to performance expectations and etiquette. 

Learn at your own pace or jump into the deep end - we are here to support your Swing Dancing journey in any case. 

If you are interested in joining our Swing Dancing Company, please contact us.